Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring Break In Osaka

Spring break brings back great memories for me.  When I was in school we'd get off two weeks for fun in the sun where we'd typically head to the beach in Florida or South Carolina and enjoy two weeks of bliss.  But those days are long gone.  This year I had no holidays during spring break.  While students were off jet setting around Japan I was stuck in the teacher's room droning away and preparing for the start of the new year.

Japanese schools all begin their new year in April.  This is unlike the States where most new school terms being either in August or September.  So I just lulled in the teacher's room with most of the staff gone as well, it was pretty much a ghost in the shell kind of mood.  Teachers usually take paid holidays during this time.  As my paid holidays are less than Japanese staff I chose to come to work and just plow through the hours prepping for the upcoming year. 

It really is a big change from the exciting youthful adventures I had in the spring break of my youth.  To go back in time and relive those fun and daring times would be an amazing experience.  Perhaps next year though I will take off two or three days for some fun in the sun.