Sunday, September 24, 2006

No 糞, "FUN" in Japanese Parks Please

The other day I had to go to the 市役所 shiyakusho, or the town office, for a meeting to discuss the upcoming November(トライやるウィーク) Try-Yaru Week activities. The six foreign teachers, AETs, met with the director of foreign teachers on the 8th floor of the town office building. We were discussing our plans for the upcoming activity in November for Try-Yaru Week, the period when junior high school students of the second grade (8th graders in America) go to work for a week to learn how the real world operates.

Well I found out that we had a new foreign teacher join our ranks. One of the Interac teachers had to quit in the middle of his contract due to his grandmother passing away. So that left the school without an AET. They found another teacher from Canada to take his place. So we did our introductions and all of that.

Then we had our meeting which took about 50 minutes. One of the teachers was 10 minutes late to the meeting while the rest of us sat and jibber jabbered while waiting for her. When the meeting got going, I had already decided beforehand to agree to everything. I wanted it to hurry up and finish so I could go home and rest before my night class.

After I left the meeting I was walking back to where I parked my car when I noticed a sign at the edge of the park. Most parks in Japan have signs like these, but this one really grabbed my attention. It was a sign warning pet owners about leaving their pet poo on the park grounds. Normally you'd see some steamy hot poo coming out of a dog's butt with a big あかん、"AKAN" or red X through it. But this one took a more environmental approach.

It displayed a dog laying down a fresh pile of ウンチ, "unchi", or ,"FUN" -- pronounced like (Who - n) which means poop in English. The dog was hunched over giving it a good go and a nice steamy hot pile of poo was nearby. But right next to the poo was a flower with a bucket and a shovel. The flower was holding the bucket and shovel with one hand and holding its' nose with the other. Right next to the big flower was a smaller one with an X across the face and it was slumped over like the flower was dead. It made for a very comical sign.

And in the warning bubble, it says "keep the manners" or "preserve the manners". It was so funny I had to take a picture of it and wanted to post it on this site. So check out the No "FUN" in Japanese Parks sign below:


nyankun said...

You know, the road in front of my house is the route of dogs and thier owners'taking a walk. So every day I find some poop in my front road. I, no more, get suprised now. Because I'm accustomed to see it there. But the other day the new fresh dog's poop was layed in front of my gate. That time I got very angry! Dogs'owners, take your pets'poop and bring it to your house!!
This is what I want to say in a loud voice.

kappanormaki said...

Hi, Big Booger!
Unfortunately, I will be absent your next class because of my husband's over time work. I do want to make the halloween goods....
from kappanorimaki

Big Booger said...

I agree pet owners shouldn't let their pets poop near people's houses. I always take my dog out to the fields and let her lay down a piping hot turd in the fields so I don't have to scoop it up.

I have never let her poop near a house. That's a really rude person who does such a thing.

It was good to see you made it to class. How could you miss our Witch Pumpkin activity?

ben said...

I live in Sapporo Japan and i rarely see people walking their dogs in the park. More often, they are carrying them like children all dressed up in jeans and t-shirts. Dogs live like kings in Japan!