Thursday, May 31, 2007

No Cough Drops in the Teachers' Room

I was told today that we couldn't have cough drops in the teachers' room. One of the staff let me know that having cough drops, cough drop wrappers or anything like that was not permitted. I just bought a huge bag of cough drops yesterday and was trying to get my throat in better condition before I have to start teaching full bore in the weeks to come. I was told it was because the cough drops look like candy and it sets a bad example for kids.

I guess the plan for me to heal myself with a few throat candies has been put in the deep freezer of doom. I have no idea what to do now about my throat. Sometimes I wonder if schools here are not a bit too uptight about these sorts of rules. I am an adult, and I am not a student, therefore rules that apply to students shouldn't necessarily apply to me.

For example, when students ride bicycles to school they wear helmets and teachers don't. Students wear uniforms and teachers don't. But I suppose cough drops in the teachers' room is just one of those things that cannot be tolerated. I guess I'll have to find some liquid cough medicine or some sort of drink that helps with a sore throat. If any of you who read this site have any suggestions, let me know.

Remember: No cough drops in the teacher's room!

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