Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pub Crawling & Bicycling Drunk

On Friday I had a full day of classes and then afterward I had a night class for two hours. Before the night class, I usually go home to prepare and then drive to the location for teaching at night. Well, this Friday a friend of mine who lives in the same building had asked me for a ride as he teaches at the same location only to a different group of students.

As I was going there anyway, I told him it'd be no problem for him to ride with me. So we go to class and afterwards he asks me if I have eaten. I hadn't so he asks me if I want to go get something. I told him that I'd have to check in with my wife to see if she had cooked. If she had, I couldn't go but if not, I'd be keen on getting a bite to eat.

We then go home, I dart upstairs and ask my wife if she had made dinner. She said she hadn't because she was too tired. So I ask her if she wants to go out with us, and she says to me no, but that it's ok for me to go.
I and my friend decide we're going to get some sushi and beers at a kaiten (kaiten is basically a round or oval table with a conveyor belt on it that brings plates of sushi around the restaurant for customers to remove at their pleasure) sushi joint about 10 minutes from where we live. We proceed to chow down and in the process kick back a few beers.

Afterward my friend mentions this bar that's located about 15 minutes from the sushi place. So I agree and we cycle off to this bar. When we arrive, it's this cave-like trendy bar for 20 somethings, filled to the brim with salary workers, office ladies, and several hippy looking kids. We slide up to the bar counter, take two seats and order up. My friend goes headlong into a bottle of California wine, whilst I stayed on the beer line. I ordered up a Heartland beer made by Kirin Brewery. If you've never had a Heartland beer you should give it a go, it's smooth, tasty, and full of flavor. It comes in a green bottle, and is quite palatable.

Anyway, after the second Heartland, I decide to mix it up a bit and get a glass of Guinness, followed quickly by a Corona and then a few more Heartlands. By this time my friend has just polished off his second bottle of wine, we've made friends with about 10 patrons of the bar, as well as the staff. We get introduced to nearly every one and have a thoroughly good time. A few other foreigners pop in later in the night and it just turns into one big party.

So we finally leave this bar at around 3:30 or so, and I am thinking we are heading home. We get about 500 meters from the previous bar when we spot another and just decide to pop in for one more beer. This other place is sort of older and is sort of packed for it being 4am on Saturday morning. We proceed to chat up the barkeep and a couple of other patrons. We even run into some other patrons from the other bar.

We finally exit that place by which time we are both far too drunk to even walk much less ride a bicycle home, which is well over 20 minutes away. So we start peddling and swerving around like two clowns from a bicycle rodeo. When it happens. All of a sudden I lose control and go down smacking the concrete like a ton of bricks. I freeze for a second because I am in the middle of the road, which luckily was empty of any and all traffic. The sun is creeping up over the horizon and here I am in the middle of the road, knocked down with my bicycle laying on top of me, and then I notice that my hand is all bloody and my right knee and elbow are all grated like Parmesan cheese. I stumble up, and we press on home.

Lessons learned that night, don't over drink or pub crawl and if you do over drink, definitely don't try to bicycle home.


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Nice! Loved to read this, it seems that u had a very good time :)