Thursday, May 08, 2014

Golden Week With a Beer Machine in Himeji

Taking a break from teaching is often a golden opportunity.  What better time to enjoy a few day off than Golden Week.  Golden Week is a holiday that is celebrated in Japan.  It is typical 2-5 days of holidays around the end of April to the first week of May.  Many Japanese plan vacations at this time and still many others gather with family and friends for relaxing days of barbecue and beers.  My family is of the later variety and we went to Himeji to enjoy beers, barbecues, games and sports together.  It was a really nice time and I drank way too much beer.

In fact my father-in-law purchased a beer tap and we set it up to dispense draft beers.  The device is made by Asahi beer company and uses cans of compressed gas along with a cooling container to dispense cold frothy beer that just flows down as quickly as you can pour it.  That certainly made it much easier to consume alcohol.  By the time the week had finished we had cleared out about 10 liters of beer between three of us.  I had some good times and will treasure this Golden Week as a time of relaxation and enjoyment.

It certainly was a good time with great food and wonderful people.  I won't soon forget Golden Week of 2014.

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