Friday, May 30, 2014

I've Got a Girlfriend

Last week I taught around 20 lessons and as always had a great time.  I enjoy talking with kids and feel I have developed a close relationship with them that goes beyond just work and into leaving a lasting impression on children.  Friday I was approached in the toilet of all places by a very affable boy who is a 3rd grade junior high student.  In the restroom Japanese dudes often chat me up for some strange reason.  This includes kids and adults.  It's like the toilet is the hang out location and you can chat freely.  So this boy comes up to me while I am in mid stream and says "Sensei.  Sensei.  Look at this.  Take a look, take a look."  He held in his hands a tiny little letter that some girl had scrawled out a message on with cute pictures and cute characters.  The message was addressed to him and signed by another girl in his class.

At this point most people would think this is normal but in Japan it's really strange to talk about lovers, boyfriends/girlfriends etc..  So this kid coming up to me while I am taking a whiz in the toilet was quite odd.  But he was beaming.  So after handling business he talked to me about his girl and that he was going to ask her out after receiving this love letter from her.  He was so bright and so happy.  I hope his romance takes root and he can be happy with her.   I just hope he can contain his happiness because when I left him he looked like he was heading off to space on the trip of a lifetime!

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