Monday, May 12, 2014

Hallelujah: Classes Cancelled

Weekly I teach anywhere from 15-25 lessons at 8 different schools.  I am a floater of sorts, going from this school to that with primary teaching duties at two junior high schools and then secondary teaching at elementary schools.  Needless-to-say it's seldom that I get a break from all the chaos and hustle and bustle of teaching English to kids.

But one word that sends satisfaction to my soul on the rare occasion that it occurs is "canceled."  This one word sets off sparks of a Disney World rocketry exhibition in this old head of mine.  Today was one of those rare moments.  The head teacher at this particular school came up and said, "Mr. Big Booger, today your lessons have been cancelled due to upcoming mid-term tests."  I replied with a feigned act of sadness saying pretty much "That's too bad."

Deep down I was elated.  It meant I could spend some time prepping for this week's lessons, make some flash cards, finish a "Ask a Friend" project I am doing, study for a Teacher Knowledge Test coming up at the end of May and so on.  I must say though that I do miss seeing the kids when my classes are cancelled and time does seem to ooze by doggedly slow but I do get a chance to catch up on many items and take advantage.

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