Monday, October 15, 2007

Dropping Kids off at the Pool

This morning I got into work a little later than usual. I wasn't late per se, but I wasn't early either like I have been for the past month. I woke up a bit late, took a longer than normal bath and just dilly dallied a bit too much.

So I had to use the bathroom right after our morning meeting. But before I could go another teacher wanted to chat with me a bit. Normally there is nothing wrong with this and in fact I like chatting with her. But today, I had to do #2. For those of you who don't know the #1 & #2 expressions, #1 is pee, and #2 is poop. So today was a #2 morning.

The teacher was talking to me about her daughter, about her diet (she even showed me a bag of candy she had saying she was trying to get rid of it), about her weekend work and so on.

Well I was on the verge of an accident if I didn't make it to the toilet soon. So I quickly decided to spring off. But just getting up and running off is a bit rude so I instead decided to teach her a new expression while also getting to do #2.

I taught her this expression:

I have to go drop some kids off at the pool.

I told her it was a nicer way to express the need to go to the toilet for a poop. She seemed a bit confused so I spent some time explaining it all to her. Later on I even taught her another expression, "I've got to go to the powder room." and told her that women use this expression and men typically use the "drop kids off at the pool" expression.

And as soon as I finished explaining I ran off to "drop some kids off at the pool."

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