Monday, October 08, 2007

New Teacher's Toilet/洋式トイレ(ようしきトイレ)

Over the summer during the BBBoJ hiatus, the school installed a new western toilet  洋式トイレようしきトイレ)。 into the teacher's lavatory. The previous toilet was a god-awful squatter 和式 トイレわしきトイレ)。

I and the old squatter had many a terrible bouts round and round, sometimes successful, sometimes not so. In fact, I had nearly fallen into the old squatter bowl twice, once when my pants became tangled up whilst trying to turn around for the poop paper, and the second time was just a failure to properly situate my footing before taking the old squat down to ground level.

After the pants twisting episode I decided on removing them and hanging them on the door hook while I performed my excretory duties. And that proved to be quite more complicated than it sounds, especially since I wanted to avoid dragging my pants around in the squatter or on the tiles around the squat bowl. It usually involved some fancy footwork and aerobatics but I think about 98% of the time I was successful.

I can say that I will partially miss the old toilet. It was sort of a reformation of the Japanese way of excretion. Now with the new high tech Toto western bowl, I just feel like normal. There's no pre-game warm-up, no clothing removal, no muscle stretching squat. Now it's just business as usual. I sort of wish they hadn't of changed it.

But soon after these thoughts creep into my mind, I then snap out of it and think about the new spacious area they created, with that nice shiny western-style Toto throne, that I happily use almost on a daily basis. It certainly feels more roomy and comfy compared to the last dingy and funky squatter.

RIP Teacher's Squatter

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