Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I want to be a hitman

In today's 2年生 class we were teaching the expression:

I want to be~.

And we were teaching many occupations that students were asking us to translate. We started off with the normal jobs like nurse, doctor, pilot, hair stylist, cook, but soon things started to go sour.

The next moment I started hearing stuntman, host, hostess, Freeter フリーター, and so on. These are not so bad but they are not ordinary. A host/hostess in this case doesn't mean the types that work in a restaurant. These hosts/hostesses work in bars and chat up drunken customers, getting them to drink more and more, and thus spend more and more at the bar and then occasionally performing other indecent acts.

But then a student pops up and says I want to be a
殺し屋 殺し屋 ころしや or a hit man. That shocked me but I decided to play it up and we taught him the word. The only reason is this kid is rather naughty and normally never cares about English but during this class he was very active. So we told him that a hit man's life is hard and you can go to prison, be killed, and you have to live with all the people's lives you killed in your memory.

The more we talked about it the more excited he became. So I thought he was so serious about it. But later on I learned that he was only playing it up to gain coolness points with his classmates.

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