Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A kid was stabbed in my town

This morning my wife woke me up rather early at around 6am. She was watching NHK morning news and she had this look of wretched disgust on her face. She said a kid had been stabbed in our town. I immediately thought it must be one of the hooligans that roam the halls or lounge around our courtyard. Quickly this speculation was splattered as my wife relayed that the child was a second grader in elementary school in an area that I used to teach.

The kid had just parked her bicycle in front of her house, when a strange man started yelling. The mother then heard her daughter crying and rushed outside to see what was the matter. She found her stabbed daughter lying on the ground with two stab wounds in her chest and stomach. She was rushed to the hospital where she died about an hour and a half later apparently from the loss of too much blood.

I hope that whoever did this is caught, tried, and then given the death penalty for his actions. What sort of scumbag kills a 7 or 8 year old little girl by stabbing her? I hope the police catch him asap. That little girl deserves expeditious justice.

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