Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fondling Students

Today I was sitting in the teacher's room typing up some documents and coloring some pages to put up in the English room when Mrs. F, one of the teachers walks in. She's the same teacher that talked to me about her daughter becoming a flight attendant.

Well she looks over at me and says, "hmmm hmmm.... (I pretend not to notice)... hmmm hmmm... Big Booger-sensei..." and I start looking all around the room like I have no idea who said it. Eventually I steer my attention to Mrs. F and she tells me soon, "I'm not finished grading papers." And I look over at her with a look that says "Why the hell are you tell me this?"

She continues on, "I was supervising the tests today but I could grade my papers and get my work done." So I was like, "Why the hell not?" And she tells me, "Two boys were being naughty during the tests." Curious I took her bait and asked "Were they cheating?" To which she replied, "No, but they were noisy and I had to fondle them."

Right there I stopped, my jaw dropped and I just stared at her like she was some leper with feces on her face. I didn't know how to reply to a teacher blatantly admitting to fondling students, especially out in the open so everyone could hear. It took me a few seconds but I eventually mustered up the courage to seek more details about her fondling.

So I asked her, "You did what to the students?" And then she looked a little consternated and her eyes went into deep thinking mode, and she came out with another word, though very similar. She said, "I caressed them." When she said this I just busted out laughing. I couldn't believe Mrs. F would sit here and tell me she was fondling and caressing students during a test. I turned red from laughter, and Mrs. F I suppose got embarrassed and asked me what was so funny.

By this time I had realized what she meant as I had seen her do it before. She hadn't fondled students, or caressed them. What she meant was not sexual in any way shape or form, but her just saying it made me go to tears.

What she meant to say was that she had petted or patted the students on the head to get them to simmer down and be quiet. But what she said had had a completely different meaning. I soon schooled her on the meanings of the two terms she had used. After that she understood why I was laughing so hard, and she herself laughed a bit.

Soon after she was spreading what had happened around the room to her co-workers and they all got a good chuckle from it. Hopefully in the future she won't be fondling any more students.