Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A long Haitus

Moving on to a new chapter.  Finished working at the international preschool.  It was a great memory but time for a change.  Went home to the states and went to work for a great company manufacturing diesel engines.  The job was great and met many great people who dedicated their lives to working for Cummins but found that I missed teaching and love to work with kids.    So made the transition back to Japan leading to working for one of the best bosses every.

I moved to the tsunami, earthquake and radiation struck area of Japan, Fukushima.  I taught for a lady who had a wonderful school in Soma, Japan.  Under her leadership I was able to work for a kindergarten, elementary, private English school and teach English lessons to adults at a couple of area companies.  I was kept constantly on the go but really loved my work.  However, due to the radiation exposure and my wife missing her family, we decided to return to Kansai where I am currently.

I now teach for a public board of education and plan on updating this blog with some of the craziness that goes in as well as the touching moments.  I really want people who are interested in Japan to come away with a different perspective of what life is actually like as an ALT or assistant language teacher in Japan.  So stay tuned for more interesting posts and regular updates from Big Booger!